Back (also) on Etsy!!

Back (also) on Etsy - Enter to Illusorya shop!

To all Etsy Lovers!
Due to amount of demand, especially for credit/gift cards (with any login or subscribe) option or simply the confort to the site, we have a great news...

Illusorya is back, also, on Etsy:

Dark Accessories on Etsy

It's Halloween on Etsy

Jewelry on Etsy

Well... this is the easy reason: Indiemade, the web builder that hosting this website, has the cool feature in connecting Etsy, so people are able to find me in both places, with same listing items available... No addictional price nor more nasty surprises between this store and the other one on Etsy!

Welcome to Illusorya!

Welcome to Illusorya

Welcome to Illusorya...
Hello, my lovely gloomy visitor!
Let me present to you, as first. My name is Stefania, I'm a self-taugh italian artist; my style can best described as "Dark Emotive".

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