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International Shipments Update

Nessun cambiamento per le spedizioni in Italia, se non una piccola nota: la dimora infestata rimane aperta, ma le spedizioni riprenderanno il 28 Dicembre... Non una grande attesa!  🖤 

Hello my ghostly supporters!
Here the update about International Shipments and for the U.K. about Brexit.

Due to the new provisions starting from December 2020, we are obliged to make a customs declaration. This will not affects the shipping cost and timing (until further notice, hoping 2021 won't bring nasty news), but customs fees may be applied and be payed by customer self.

United Kingdom: due to the upcoming Brexit, new shipping costs will be applied starting from January 2021:
- from € 12 -> € 20 (Standard Priority Mail)
- from € 25 -> € 35 (First Class International Mail),
Both shipments are equipped with codes tracking.
Same for here, customs fees may be applied and be payed by customer self.

Thank you for your precious understanding and lovely support!!  🖤

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