31 modi (più o meno dolorosi) di porre fine alla tua felice vita

31 ways (more or less painful) to end your happy life

As often happens in the world of Illusorya and in Dark Art in general, colors and sarcasm frame the works.

In the midst of lively and luxurious lines, the concepts concern attitudes and emotions, almost always taboo in everyday life. Especially regarding the topic of this article, so if you don't want to stumble upon these topics, my warm advice is to close the page directly and not go any further.

[Trigger Warning: Death , Suicide, Self-harm]

The idea was born from the famous project of Jake Parker, called "Inktober". It is a question of drawing every day, in the month of October, a daily theme established by the author, strictly in ink. Therefore, these are inks made in about an hour, with the hope that in the future he will be able to work on a more serious project, given the appreciation of the genre.
In 2018 I decided to combine all the themes in a series aimed at Black Humor and a personal phobia: Thanatophobia (fear of Death, specifically being dead or dying)
I do not hide that during my life I have and have had suicidal thoughts. Although I often speak or represent Death, I have a huge phobia of it.
Stigmatizing is the key, right? That's why I decided to do this series. No portrait is of real people (as often happens in my works), but they are an abstract representation of myself in the key of Death, both through the nightmares I am often about to die (in I will speak certainly later), and as thoughts to which I have had over the years. The last day "Slice" is, finally, my self-portrait.

Do you think that Death is simply part of life enough to accept it, or are you afraid / phobic of it too? I'd love to hear your opinion!
Some time ago, I did a survey on my Instagram @illusorya and the results were: 77% of the people who participated accepted Death as part of Life.

I leave you now to the Inktober series, at the end you will find a nice dark game ... Obviously, I would be happy to know what your "macabre destiny" will be!
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31 (more or less painful) ways to end your happy life

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