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Call to Models - Fabula Visions Project

Fabula Visions

[Humanity's connection between Inner and Reason]

A journey through portraits of real humanity, and the split between the constant search for the Inner Self and the realistic vision of Consciousness.

Call for Models - Fabula Visions Project - Digital Portrait - Dark Art - Illusorya - Stefania Russo

For my new digital portrait studio project, I'm looking for... You! Open and inclusive to all human beings, all genders, ages (+18), bodies, characteristics, etc.
Send your photos to be used for the portrait to: And get the chance of being selected for the project.
Selfportrait Selfportrait - Fabula Visions Project - Digital Portrait - Dark Art - Illusorya - Stefania Russo
Self-Portrait - for Fabula Visions
Before send me your picture, here is some important info:
  • The project is about create an artwork in my Dark Emotive style. This means: your portrait could have strong content such as blood, scars and wounds, deep themes.
  • As you will notice in my self-portrait above: there is, not explicitly, nudity. This means that the portraits are made in half-bust and the skin will be covered in dark colors to emphasize the Fabula Visions concept. Of course, I'm not asking for NSFW photos, please don't send me them!
  • As a Thankful gratitude for your participation, I will send you your portrait in HD file for private use.
  • It's totally free! I don't ask for any compensation other than your image to be used in the "Fabula Visions" project, which has the purpose of printing an artbook and fine art prints.
    I will use your personal photos exclusively for the project and will not be shared in public without your written permission. A regular model agreement with all the details will be sent to you before confirmation.
  • Last but not least... Have fun being photographed, expression, emotion, position; the important thing is that your face can be seen.
    I'd be happy to portray you, and it would be great to already have your reference on what you'd like to "talk about"!
    Here are some examples of portrait photos from which to take inspiration (source Pexels):
Example Pictures - Call for Models - Fabula Visions Project - Digital Portrait - Dark Art - Illusorya - Stefania Russo

That's all. If you need more info, don't hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below.
I really hope you appreciate the idea of my project... And that you'll help me make it come true, with your person!

Featuring on the cover: Valentina Liviero .
First portrait done for the project... Thank you very much!!
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