Madness Pandemic Sale

Madness Pandemic Sale

Madnǝss Pandǝmic Salǝ ▫️ 1 5 October 2020 - 4 April 2021 ▫️ up to 80% discount on selected original works!

Helping an artist in difficulty, as well as supporting an Italian indie reality ... Because this is what Illusorya represents: it is not "just a hobby".
Illusorya is the real officialization of my business, challenging fate, from December 2019.
A madness, of course! It is equally madness to abandon any temporary and futureless job, to embrace life in a happier way, even if with double the sacrifice (which will always be worth it).
As you well know, it is rare that I decide to do such a thing, precisely because my exclusively hand-made pieces, cannot and should not be underestimated as a "mass-produced" object.
The choice of so drastically lowering the prices of the works that I will present to the cancellation of events and fairs, in this damned period.
Probably a tragedy for me, but a huge deal for you ... Of course, I do this with my hand on my heart!

They are unique illustrations and original, and my advice is to take advantage.
▫️ Watercolors - Fantasy - Gothic - (very rare) Fanart and INKtober at exclusive prices, only for this occasion! ▫️
If you want to support me, but you don't have the financial possibility, even word of mouth is really important to support this haunted mansion (which is falling apart) ... Thanks heartily! 🖤
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