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Mystica Tarot - Collaboration with Braiiinz! Publishing

I couldn't wait to reveal the collaboration with Braiiinz! Publishing , publisher of tarot cards, trading cards set, graphic novel and artbook based in Mexico.
I was invited, together with other artists, to draw most of the Minor Arcana in s ketch cards , for Mystica Tarot released in January 2022. The theme is dedicated to the Four Elements and the Female Figure. Each arcane represents in fact the connected element: Swords - Air, Cups - Water, Sticks - Fire, Coins - Earth.
You can therefore imagine the happiness and the great inspiration in working on this project! That's 20 Trading Cards, plus 3 Tarot Cards. Each card is an original "sketch" design, therefore a unique collector's item. Below, a work in progress to make you understand the real measure.

Worki in progress - Braiiinz Publishing - Mystica Tarot - Sketch Card - Illusorya - Stefania Russo
So ​​I leave you the Minor Arcana I worked on ... What is your favorite? What caught you the most (especially if you know the meaning of the Tarot)? Let me know below, in the comments!

These cards are available via Braiiinz! Publishing .
If you want personalized AP Cards, directly from me, very limited slots are available: m size Tarocchi SOLD OUT, 4 size Trading Cards available. For all your requests, contact me or email:

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Non so quale scegliere.sono tutti stupendi! Brava Stefania :)


Tutti belli i disegni…Mi piace tanto tanto il king of pentacles ma anche il tre of wands



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