Gallery || 31 (more or less painful) ways to end your happy life

The idea came from Jake Parker's famous project, called " Inktober ". It is a question of drawing every day, in the month of October, a daily theme established by the author, strictly in ink. Therefore, these are drawings made in about an hour.
In 2018, Illusorya decided to combine all the themes in a series aimed at Black Humor, lived experiences and thoughts and a personal one. phobia: Thanatophobia (fear of Death, specifically being dead or dying).
Every single drawing, in this series, is an abstract representation of the artist herself in the key of Death. The last day "Slice" is, finally, his self-portrait of her.

If you are interested in commissioning a custom portrait: here, all the info. Or, contact without any commitment.
All the drawings in this gallery are not available.

31 (more or less painful) ways to end your happy life
An amazing new guide to undoing all the mistakes made in the past and boycotting a boring set life!