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Mini Ouija Board

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** Discounted only for Christmas Sale.
PLEASE NOTE: enter the stone you want (Hyaline Quartz or Selenite) in the notes at checkout, or it will be sent randomly.

After the promotion ended on December 19th 2021, this creation will return to the original price **

This sale is huge for my small indie business.
I am currently having changes in my private life, including surgery, and need to close the online shop and contract jobs soon. to 2022. I'll be honest: this means zero revenue in this time frame.
The prices displayed are as they are. If you wish to further support my work and art, feel free to add whatever you want, even a simple "coffee", during checkout. Your gesture will mean a lot, and you will have a small thank you gift, in addition. Thank you ♥

** Unique Piece ** The mini Ouija board is made entirely by hand.
This means that each of the boards, in your hands, has particularities and unique details of its kind. You will adopt an original piece that is not "mass-printed", like every Illusorya creation.

The Ouija board is an instrument used in séances, born around 1850. Through it, you are able to communicate with supernatural entities, who will answer your questions through the movement of the planchette on the letters of the table. Having become famous in literature and cinema, the Ouija board is now a collector's item. Presented in various styles and sizes, it is created by passionate artists and craftsmen of the genre.

Illusorya presents:
▪ Mini Ouija board in ceramic powder. Complete with poplar wood panel base, finished in antique shellac and sides in golden color.
Planchette in ceramic powder, with a thin rubber-like base to protect the table and the composition from scratches.
Decorations in patinated golden-colored twigs, golden nail on the head for arranging the planchette, and protective crystal. ♥

▪ Complete size of wooden base: 17x24cm - Ouija board: 10x14cm
▪ Available stones:
- Hyaline Quartz
- Selenite
The choice of these two crystals is not accidental. In fact, they are useful as a protection for the spirit and the body. Selenite is highly recommended, given its great psychic communicative properties. A great help to tune into the spirit guides and ancestors. In the photo: hyaline quartz.

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