Voices from the Past - Planchette

Voices from the Past - Planchette

Small planchette in ceramic powder, painted in mixed technique with ancient manuscripts. Composition with gemstones and pink musk; painted wooden base.
Perfect as a paperweight or to add to your Memento Mori collection.

- Composition size: height about 3cm.
- Length/Diameter: approx. 7cm.

Available in different natural stones.

The skulls are created entirely by hand.
This means that each of them has unique characteristics and details. The textures and patterns of the paper are different from each other due to the uniqueness of the ancient sheets, and the cut of the natural stones.
You will have in your hands an original piece not "printed in series", like every creation of Illusorya.

Please note: the manuscripts have no historical value. They are recovered from inventories, notarial/municipal deeds, various letters, and printed matter such as musical sheets.


Ancient manuscripts come to life through different forms: silent skulls, curious objects and mysterious ghosts.

A mini-series in mixed technique, from ceramics with gemstones to small paintings in oil and acrylic, born "alla prima". No reproductions, no prints: each Voice from the Past is a one-of-a-kind work.

Please note: the manuscripts have no historical value. They are the object of the recovery of inventories, notary/municipal deeds, various letters and musical sheets.