Decay in the sinner's tears - OOAK Original Artwork


*** OOAK || This artwork is One Of A Kind - This is mean that there will be NO reproductions, NO prints. You will be the only owner a very unique original piece ***

"Decay in the sinner's tears" - 2024
Inspired from the song: "Fake Tears" by Shireen.
[When truth becomes a fluid thing
And guilt is made onto a weapon of choice
The blade is sharpened with whispered words
Cry me a river of fake tears
When the victim becomes the abuser
And reality warped into a lie
Honesty is killed by broken pride
Cry me a river of fake tears
I will throw you a lifeline
Strong and tight
Woven by honest truth
It may sting at first but then it will
Drag you out of the darkness
From the cold embrace of her lies
Sail on a river of fake tears]

Original watercolours painting, framed in a lovely 1950s wodden hand-embellished frame by myself. No glass, due to the relief effect light paste on the painting and frame self.
- 24x30cm (with frame 30x40cm), Saunders Waterfords 100% cotton paper, 300gr.
- Winsor&Newton Watercolours
- Light paste relief effect and acrylics, for the thick "golden tears" detail on paper and on the frame.
- Protective anti-UV/humidity, final glossy varnish.

Certificate of authenticity included.
Colors may vary slightly from on-screen viewing. In person, they are really beautiful and detailed!