The belief, in Oneness' visions - Original Painting


"The belief, in Oneness' visions" - 2024
[ Don't be afraid of her hallucinations. Oneness will never be able to look deeply into your soul. Oneness raises her power only through your believing. ]

Original watercolours painting.
- 21x30cm, Saunders Waterfords 100% cotton paper, 300gr.
- Winsor&Newton, Schmincke watercolours.
- Daniel Smith, genuine Amethyst pigment watercolours for her stone jewelry.
- Golden foil.
- Protective anti-UV/humidity, final varnish.

UNFRAMED. Artwork has a passepartout of DIN A3 included and an open frame with crilex, as protection for a safely ship and till your personalized frame - The picture shown is for illustration purposes only. Colours and size frame may change depending on availability.
Certificate of authenticity included.
Colors may vary slightly from on-screen viewing. In person, they are really beautiful and detailed!