Intervista Onirica - Ana Cruz

Dream Interview - Ana Cruz

Being an artist also means meeting other like-minded souls on your way. It would therefore be a real shame not to stop occasionally and chat a bit among us, savoring the sublime moment of sharing artistic emotions!

Inspired by the theory of the five stages in the dream world de Ambrogio Teodosio Macrobio (V century) through the Commentarii in Somnium Scipioni, a Dream Interview that will take you into the world of unconventional art.
Artists of the Dark, Fantasy, Gothic & Horror genre welcomed into the arms of Morpheus to open their subconscious, in the merry haunted mansion of Illusorya in the company of ghosts and delicious teas ...

Ana Cruz - Portrait

Today, with us, the talented cover artist Ana Cruz , whom I had immense pleasure to meet since the dawn of deviantART under the alias LuneBleu . Personally she is part of my circle of inspirational artists; I am more than honored that you have gladly accepted to be interviewed!

Ana Cruz is a professional digital artist from Portugal, with 15 years of experience and professional expertise in book covers and CD covers.

she started completely self-taught, driven by her immense passion for the arts and the will to learn, with discipline, all the digital wonders that would allow her to evolve and become the artist currently known.

Meanwhile, still eager to learn, Ana graduated in Graphic Design and Arts, in order to broaden her areas of expertise and, also, to hone her artistic vision and general skills.
Currently dedicating his full time working as a professional artist, for publishing houses, independent authors and bands / labels.

Lilith - Ana Cruz

Insomnium - A warm welcome to the REM phase where thoughts, worries and desires capriciously assault the stillness of sleep, turning into dreams with no particular meaning.
Would you like to share with us one of the thoughts that most cross your mind, related to reality or simply a great desire, from the soul of an artist that you are?

I think ... A lot!
I can't choose a single thought or desire in particular, because my mind wanders all the time.
I usually find myself thinking a lot about the meaning of life and the my duality. I consider myself an agnostic and being analytic, I'm not sure there is life after death. But if nothing else can exist besides our current life experience, what is the significance of all this? Is life just a happy accident where the right molecules combined and produced life? I hope this is not the case because it would mean that life itself is redundant. A part of me is always urging and hoping for something more; something greater than this reality.

 Mistress of Crows and Fire - Ana Cruz

Visum - We are entering the real dream world, chaotic figures around you begin to move making you believe you are still in reality.
In the In the field of art, one often encounters disheartening situations, such as the theft of one's work and ideas or rejection by galleries, publishers or companies. We absolutely do not want to go into specifics, but to know your state of mind. Did it lead you to want to abandon this project? Or did it give you even more strength to embark on your path as an artist? Do you want to leave advice or a spur to those who are living this same experience?

My first thought is to abandon a certain specific project; the feeling of defeat is monumental.
I usually go away for a day or two and once I feel my energy starting to resurface, I go back to that project, telling my mind that I will be able to do it and that I am strong enough to overcome the difficulties that I am. before me
It is a difficult path but inner strength is something we can all achieve and learn to develop. Difficult paths teach us the way and how to evolve; either as an artist or as a human being.

Moonlight Temple - Ana Cruz

Oraculum - We are in limbo between the world of reality and that of the dead, where people dear to us or who are and / or were close to us manifest themselves to carry the message of great revelations.
Often people around an artist can prove to be a great inspiration for their future, whether in a negative or positive way. Given the interview, obviously it is clear that you are continuing this very daring path ... Tell us what were the words (or facts) that really spurred you to become what you are.

I have to say that whenever someone tells me I'm not going to be strong enough or good enough, it gives me the strength to prove them wrong.
These kinds of situations also came from my family.
Not I am a conformist person; I cannot accept living a life where I have a 9am to 5pm job, struggling to survive, no happiness in what I do. That said, I have fought against everything and everyone to become who I am today and to achieve the moments of happiness that we all yearn for.

Moonlight Magic - Ana Cruz

Visio - The premonitory dream, what we never imagined to dream, now appears in our mind.
The question of how do you imagine your future it is decidedly banal and rather contradictory; we therefore wish to know how you see yourself now, in the present.
Also, would you like us to participate in your ongoing projects?

My life is actually quite random and normal right now.
A few years ago you decided it was time to settle down and I became a mom. This obviously makes huge changes in one's life, and I love it. I love who I am now; i love being a full time artist and a mother. It is the absolute truth when it is said that there is no greater love in life.
My professional projects consume 99.9% of my life as an artist and I could not be happier.

The Clairvoyant - Ana Cruz

Somnium - The great revelation hidden among the arches of the structure of our dreams. The absolute protagonists of the story, unaware of the reality left behind but aware of our deepest self.
Often, artists have their own work of the heart to which they are emotionally linked and it will be difficult to abandon it, it does not matter if this is now in the hands of others. What was yours and why is it so important? Tell us the story of her, who is the protagonist ... Like a narrated dream.

Currently, my favorite artwork was created for a book cover, but I also created it for myself, as a mother.
It was difficult for me to get pregnant. We rehearsed for almost 2 years before it finally happened.
The work "The Clairvoyant" speaks for itself and for me represents the miracle of life!

LINKS - Where to find Ana Cruz

Instagram: @anacruzarts
Facebook : / AnaCruzArts

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