Illusorya - Stefania Russo - Artist PictureIn the area of North-West Italy, between countryside and lying woods, stands a small haunted mansion. The landlady, Illusorya (previously known as LadyFanhir), lives hidden among dark Emotions and creatures of Oil and Watercolor, and in the most recent form in Digital.
Identifying herself with the most elegant and dreamlike forms of the Dark Grotesque, Stefania Russo is an artist who prefers to represent emotions and imprint in the paper (or in small treasures, created by her hands) what people would hide in their closet, together with the skeletons.

Her love for art and illustration was born in her adolescence at the Professional School of Fashion (IPSIA Bellini), where she discovered the world of minor art, comics and metal music.
Inspired by the great contemporary masters of Fantasy & Gothic, after her studies and work experience as a restorer of antique furniture, she makes the wise decision to abandon everything and immerse herself in the world of art, studying as a self-taught and training hard between sacrifices and psychological torture equal to those of the former Holy Inquisition.

It was from this moment that Illusorya discovered such stronger passion than that of "simple" drawing and learning what books do not teach: exploring the dark side of the human mind.
Her love for the Macabre easily opens firm doors. Everything that came from mental illness, yearning, paradoxical emotions, such as frustration, up to real attitudes and behaviors at the limit of the grotesque of people and everyday life, around her.
A dark world represented in her personal style surreal and full of colors but frank, like a "Dark Fairytale" of modern times.
In her misanthropy, Illusorya creates seductive works in the eyes of the most inexperienced, to the point of striking in the heart of those who valiantly delve into the details of pencils and watercolors.

Her art has been published in several international mag, such as Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, Heavy Music Artwork, Avari Magazine, "Pandaemonioum" and "Enchanted" by Out Of Step Books Publishing.
In 2016 she founded, together with the Swedish artist Sandra Hultsved, the online gallery "Memento Tea Gallery" dedicated to the Dark & ​​Grotesque genre, where national and international painters and sculptors participated in the project. Memento Tea Gallery is currently on hiatus for logistical reasons.

Illusorya works as an indie artist participating in global art projects such as 78 Tarot and Braiiinz! Publishing. Currently, she is a member of the global organization Dark Art Movement, where artists from the industry are promoted.
Coming out of her haunted mansion from time to time, Illusorya exhibits at trade shows and group shows in international galleries, such as Penumbra Gallery (Lisbon, PORTUGAL), La Luz De Jesus Gallery (Los Angeles, USA) and Tangent Gallery (Detroit, USA) .
Obviously, there is no shortage of commissions from brave souls who are preparing to show their true face, without a mask, and imprint forever in a deliciously Dark artwork.


“Stefania Russo is an Italian self-taught fantasy/gothic traditional artist who creates expressive, powerfully sexual work that combines, sorrow, hunger, lust and strength” - The WallBreakers

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Events & Exhibitions

- Ultracon, Cremona Fiere, ITALY.
- Nerd Show, Bologna Fiere, ITALY.


- Milano Comics and Games (Spring Edition), MalpensaFiere (Busto Arsizio), ITALY.
- Parma Tattoo Nerd Fest, Fiere di Parma, ITALY.
- Nerd Show, Bologna Fiere, ITALY.
- ALEcomics, Cittadella di Alessandria. ITALY.
- Modena Nerd, ModenaFiere, ITALY.
- Milano Comics and Games (Fall Edition), MalpensaFiere (Busto Arsizio), ITALY.
- Como Fun, LarioFiere, ITALY.
- Halloween in Tuttinfiera, Fiera di Padova, ITALY.


- T.Ink Festival, Tortona (AL), ITALY (online).
- ALEcomics, Cittadella di Alessandria. ITALY.
- Mlano Comics and Games, MalpensaFiere (Busto Arsizio), ITALY.

- Nerd Show, Bologna, ITALY.
- ALEcomics, Cittadella di Alessandria, ITALY.
- Group show: "The Coaster Show 2020", Gallery 30th South, California, USA.
- Group show"Kaosfaktor - Winter Solstice Salon", Kaosfaktor Konstsalong. Malmö, SWEDEN (cancelled event due to emergency Covid-19).

- Group show: "20", Penumbra Gallery. Loures, PORTUGAL.
- Group show: "Danse Macabre", Memento Tea Gallery. ONLINE.
- ZAPP! Festival, Pescara, ITALY.
- Fiera Del Mistero, Desio (MB), ITALY.
- Group show: "How Long Is Forever", Penumbra Gallery. Loures, PORTUGAL.
- Group show: "Centuries Decay", Memento Tea Gallery. ONLINE.
- Group show: "L'Inferno Di Dante Alighieri", Inmagine Fine Art. ITALY.
- ALEcomics, Alessandria, ITALY.

- Cartoomics, Milan, ITALY.
- Group show: "Obra Prima", Penumbra Gallery. Loures, PORTUGAL.
- Italian Doll Convention, Milan, ITALY.
- NOVA - Cosplay Comics Games, Nova Milanese, ITALY.
- ZAPP! Festival, Pescara, ITALY.
- ALEcomics, Alessandria, ITALY.
- Group show"Lost In Wonderland", Virtual Art Gallery, ITALY.
- Group show: "The Coaster Show 2018: Volume Six", Gallery 30th South, California, USA.
- Group show: "Epeolatry", Auxilium Haus (formerly Alexi Era Gallery). Eugene, USA.

- Group show: "A Night At The Movies", Penumbra Gallery. Loures, PORTUGAL.
- In Fantasy Land, Legnano, ITALY.
- Cartoomics, Milan, ITALY.
- Festival Del Fumetto, Milan, ITALY.
- Group show: "The 5th Annual Coaster Show", La Lez De Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles.
- ALEcomics, Alessandria, ITALY.
- Halloween Horror Show, Milan, ITALY. -deleted event from management-
- Group show: "Damned X". Detroit, USA.
- Fumettopoli, Milan, ITALY.
- Group show: Holiday Benefit Extravaganza, "Krampus Night". Detroit, USA.

- Group show: "78 Tarot Nautical", Eight and Sand Gallery and subsequently Push/Pull Gallery. Seattle, USA.
- Group show: "8x8", Penumbra Gallery. Loures, PORTUGAL.
- Group show: "Breacking Borders - Spellbound", Tangent Gallery, Detroit, USA.
- Group show: "The Dark One", Penumbra Gallery. Loures, PORTUGAL.
- Group show: "The 4th Annual Coaster Show", La Lez De Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles.
- Group show: "78 Tarot Carnival", Eight and Sand Gallery. Seattle, USA.
- Torino Comics, ITALY.
- Fumettopoli, Milan, ITALY.
- Festival del Fumetto, Novegro, ITALY.
- ALEComics, Alessandria, ITALY
- iComix, Milano, ITALY.
- Group show: "Untamed Fauna", Alexi Era Gallery. Oregon, USA.

- Torino Comics, ITALY.
- Arcadia Comix, ITALY.
- Group show: "INK.²", Tangent Gallery, Detroit. USA.
- Group show"Breacking Borders - Elements", Tangent Gallery, Detroit, USA.
- Group show: "Freak Show", Penumbra Gallery. Loures, PORTUGAL.
- Fumettopoli, ITALY.
- Group show: "Memento Mori", Penumbra Gallery. Loures, PORTUGAL.
- iComix, ITALY.
- Clerici Cosplay & Comics, ITALY.
-Group show: "78 Tarot Nautical", Eight and Sand Gallery and subsequently Push/Pull Gallery. Seattle, USA.
- Group show: Holiday Benefit Extravaganza, at "Krampus Night". Detroit, USA.

- Group show: "Damned VII". Detroit, USA.
- Novara Manga Comics and Games. Novara, ITALY.
- Arcadia Comics. Milano, ITALY.
- Fumettopoli. Milano, ITALY.
- iComix. Milano, ITALY.

Group show: "100,1 Artists Project" -Art Take Miami 2012-, online group show at SCOPE Miami.
- Artigianato Artistico, Bellinzago, ITALY.
- Artigianato Artistico, Verbania, ITALY.

- Solo Show: Irene Art Café, Novara, ITALY.

- Solo Show: Irene Art Café, Novara, ITALY.




Press & Collaborations

- Global collaborative project: 78 Tarot for Halloween Deck: "Zombie" oracle card.


Article on KOTH Magazine 
- Global collaborative project: 78 Tarot for Magical Deck: "Poppet" oracle edition card.
Global collaborative project: Braiiinz! Publishing for "Mystica" Tarot.
- Global collaborative project: Braiiinz! Publishing for "Twisted Dolls".


- Article on "The tale of Illusorya: Exploring the Dark Grotesque", su Beautiful Bizarre Magazine.
- Global collaborative project: 78 Tarot for Animal Deck: "3 di spade" card.
- Interview podcast su Radio News24
- Article on "Col mio stile Dark traspongo frammenti di vita" sul Giornale di Arona.
- Article on "Illusorya's Tales from Nowhere", su Beautiful Bizarre Magazine.

- Interview and article on "Stefania Russo - Empath Art", su Heavy Music Artwork.


- Daily Deviation su "Chorus Mortis"
- Global collaborative project: 78 Tarot for Ecological Deck: "Il Giudizio" card.
- Cover and article on: magazine "MarvellousArt Gallery".
- Featured art on: "NUMiNOUS Magazine" - Pandemic Issue.

- Global collaborative project: 78 Tarot for Elemental Deck: "5 of Swords" card.
- Cover and article on "The Horror Zine".
- Article on "Artist's Circle of Hell" by Memento Tea Gallery.
- Cover and featured art on "The Horror Zine".

- Global collaborative project: 78 Tarot for Mythical Deck: "10 of Swords" card.
- Interview on The Heroine's Journey.
- Cover and featured art on "The Horror Zine".

- Global collaborative project: 78 Tarot for Astral Deck: "5 of Cups" card.
- Coloring Book: "Bloody Tears". Self-publishing.

- Global collaborative project: 78 Tarot for Carnival Deck -Cirque du Tarot-: "Eight of Swords" card.
- Article on "Avari Magazine" - Twisted Holidays 2015
- Article on "Enchanted" book by Out Of Step Books editore.

- Interview on Spak@rt - Viscere nell'Arte.
- Article on Mega*Zine Lost & Found, issue 12/2015: "Seeds of Destruction".
- Artbook: "Fanhir's Illusory Art" from 2010-2015 works. Self-publishing.
- Global collaborative project: 78 Tarot for Nautical Deck: "Ace of Wands" card.
- Featured art on "Pandaemonium: Devils, Demons & Monsters" book by Out Of Step Books pubblishing.
- Daily Deviation su "SelFie Porn": "SeLfie PoRn by StefaniaRusso makes a blunt statement in the artist's own unique and compelling style."

- Daily Deviation su deviantART: "Fear Of The Dark"
- Article on The WallBreakers.
Article on Wocozome Magazine.
- Article on Last Laugh Magazine 8th Issue.
- "Fear Of The Dark" (lineart) published on "Brain Celebration" Coloring Book by Ellen Million.

- Featured Portfolio su
- Article on Twohundredby200 Magazine 8th Issue.
- Article on Templum Digital Art Collection Magazine 6th Issue.
- Daily Feature on Dia De Los Muertos
- Daily Feature on Take A Look Outside The Gaze

-  100,1 Artists Project -Art Take Miami 2012- powered by See Me online exposure at SCOPE Miami 2012.
- Article on Shocaseme.
Article on Artist Corner.
- Article on The Art Is Life.
Article on Japanimando Magazine 19th Issue.
- Daily Deviation on "Requiem For The Innocence" with review: "The rapacity of death and a Requiem For The Innocence; watercolors and ink from LadyFanhir"
- Daily Feature on Midnight Masquerade

- TBA (Today's Best Awards Showcase) su Zazzle: "Genie In A Pumpkin"
- Daily Featured on Winter's Song
- Daily Deviation on Tattoo - Angel with review "Behold the beauty and grandeur of the angel holding a Triquetra symbol and a sword. This intriguing tattoo design is hand-drawn and presented in a very lovely way"




Clienti & Licenze Commerciali

Licenses, shops, commercial clients and graphic companies (in addition to private commissions):
- 78 Tarot
- Braiiinz! Publishing
- Store
- RedBubble
- Ellen Million Graphics
- "Quotidiano di Ventura" RPG game - Characters Design
+ Tube Files licenced on The PsP Project, UpYourArt and Dreamscapeimaging (2012-2015).
+ (2010 - 2016)
+ Nuvango (2014 - 2015)
+ Camaloon (2013 - 2015)
+ Design by Humans (2016 - 2021)
+ Modify Watches (2015 - 2018)