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    Dark Tales of Illusory

    From traditional to digital techniques, to tell the multiverse of emotions and darkness.

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    Find out who is behind the works in this space.

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    For those who want to be the protagonist, through their own story, inside the Dark Tales .

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Cover Shop - Opere Originali - Dark art - Illusorya - Stefania Russo

Original Works

Illusorya's fairytale world of darkness.
Oil paintings or mixed media in watercolor.

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Shop - Stampe Prints - Illusorya - Stefania Russo - Dark Art

Fine Art Prints

Selection of works available in Open & Limited edition prints.

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Tales from Nowhere - Disegni originali - Illusorya - Stefania Russo - Dark Art

Tales from Nowhere

[Imagine letting your body drown in the deepest ink forms of the Sea of ​​Dreams]

Ink drawings, born from pure instinct, "at the first".

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Cover - Skull Art - Lacrimae Lunae - Illusorya - Stefania Russo

Lacrimae Lunae

[A Sonata for the Lost Souls]

A mini-series created by exploring instinct through oil and rough brushstrokes. Small paintings created "alla prima", which portray the most beloved subjects in the Dark & ​​Gothic world: Moon & Skulls .

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Featured collection

  • Shop - Decorazioni per la Dimora Infestata - Handmade - Dark Gothic Art - Illusorya - Stefania Russo

    Home Decor

    Handmade treasures created with passion - and a magical touch of the macabre - waiting to haunt your home.

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  • Shop - Illusory Merchandise - Dark Gothic Art - Illusorya - Stefania Russo

    Illusory Merchandise

    Exclusive line of Clothing & Accessories, signed Illusorya.
    Limited edition and original design, available only in this shop.

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  • Shop - Tenebris Gioielli - Handmade - DarkGothic Art - Illusorya - Stefania Russo

    Tenebris Jewels

    Handmade jewelry for a dark but simple and elegant look, suitable for anyone who appreciates the genre.

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