"... Traspongo frammenti di vita" - Articolo sul Giornale Di Arona

"... I transpose fragments of life" - Article in the Giornale Di Arona

Very happy to publish the article dedicated to me in Giornale di Arona , published on 26 March 2021.
Once again, it is a great emotion to be able to tell a part of myself, as an artist, in local newspaper. A heartfelt thanks to Alessio Bacchetta for this wonderful opportunity!

Below, the transcript of the entire article, in case you can't read from the image.

"With my dark style I transpose fragments of life"

Giornale di Arona - Illusorya - Stefania Russo - Articolo - Stampa - Dark Art Artista  - Divignano Novara

Illusorya, born Stefania Russo, lives in Divignano and has also begun to use the oil technique.

DIVIGNANO - More than 4 thousand followers on Facebook, almost 2 thousand on Instangram, an approach to art full of humanity towards the dark side of life. In a "small invisible mansion haunted by ghosts", as she says in her biography, lives Illusorya, born Stefania Russo, an artist who boasts exhibitions in events also abroad.
she Self-taught and born with the hobby of drawing that at first led her to focus on the Fantasy genre, now she sinks into the Dark personal taste and objectives.
"The Dark is an underground movement - he tells - was born as a protest from an emotional point of view with themes related to depression and racism. I have chiseled my style into emotion, observing human behavior, sympathizing with black humor and creating "dark tales". I like to create female subjects, sometimes even androgynous, but each work has a story, the artistic projection of those who commissioned it. People tell me about fragments of life, linked to physical or psychological pain , I transpose them by covering them with darkness.
Sometimes you can joke with death to stigmatize the black sides of the soul. People like me face phobias, fears, anxieties and illnesses without hiding them, sometimes making fun of them. I limit myself to giving a comfortable home to these feelings, which are part of us and have every right to exist. I certainly do not pretend to resolve them, but the work gives shape to something whose contours it is often difficult to see.
Many speak of lla depression on social media, but they are not understood or even marginalized. I discuss it with a smile, which does not mean taking it lightly, but welcoming the skeletons in the closet with love and a pinch of grotesque spirit.
If years ago I used watercolors, pencils and ink, thanks to the lockdown I entered the world of 'oil. I often work for fairs and galleries that are now stopped, I have also touched Portugal and the United States. The city that surprised me most in Italy is Bologna, very open and vital for the Gothic world.
Come and visit me on my social channels or on the website www.illusorya.com "
-Alessio Bacchetta-

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