Black Friday - A che prezzo?

Black Friday - At what price?

The first question arises spontaneously:
Has Black Friday landed in this illusory haunted mansion?
The answer is NO, sorry.

Black Friday is a way of underestimating my hard work. My art is unique and original, you will never find it anywhere other than straight from my hands... Not to mention it is a great way to support a Real Human, and not a large global corporation supported by anti bosses. -social.
With difficulty, I learned to refuse by following these capitalist rules which only worsen the situation of us small independent companies, while enriching the large ones which lose nothing in profit (discounts or not).
It's not just Black Friday , but if I have to follow the rules of the market, born of big companies and their relative exploitation of labor and low quality, I should schedule sales every month (Labour Day, Father's/Mother's Day, Other -Sorry-For-Discounts).
This is really outrageous and offensive to me, as an artist, as I work to give you the best quality from the material right through to the artwork itself.
If I wish to have sales (usually, only once a year, called "Studio Sale" on very old artworks and last handcrafted things that will never be sold again), it is due to me alone, and not by the mad market rule. In this regard, I warmly invite you to subscribe to my newsletter to find out about news in advance, including the Studio Sale itself .
That's all. I explained in a few words the reason for my "No More Black Friday" but, of course, I trust your supportive understanding (your opinion is absolutely welcome! Leave a comment right here, below the article). And that means a lot, thank you!

Thanks for your support and love! 💜
PS: Christmas is coming! It's the right time to adopt your favorite artwork. The order will be shipped immediately and you should receive it for the holidays.

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