Custom works and portraits on request

Thank you for your understanding and support!

From t attio design , c over book & al bum , to custom portraits . Available for commissions and licensing (also for works already present in the gallery, contact me for availability).
If you wish to be the protagonist in Illusorya 's "Dark Tales", through your personal experiences or emotions, whether they are dark or shiny. Requests teeming with wholesome Black Humor, Dark and Mortal themes, and the much-loved magical touch of the Macabre are more than welcome.

Below, all the information about the commissions and the list of requests available:

  • Illusorya is a traditional Dark Emotive artist. This means that her tools are: watercolors, colored pencils, graphite and charcoal, ink. Mixed techniques. No, therefore, requests in Digital Art.
  • Specialization in the Dark & ​​Gothic world, especially in portraiture: from real person to favorite literary character / film / videogame / etc or Original Character.
  • Requests of grotesque and macabre, gore and black humor are welcome, but not offensive in nature such as pornography, sexist, racist or child discrimination.
  • The works will be delivered without frame. If you want the work framed and / or mounted on canvas, a separate quote is available.
  • Works under commercial license: if you wish to commission or request the commercial license of a work already present in the Gallery , do not hesitate to contact for availability and info. Thank you!

Information about payments and shipping:

The commissions will be carried out only upon advance payment. Here are the working modes:
  • An advance deposit will be requested as soon as the agreed quote is confirmed.
    - 100% deposit and balance for rates equal to or below € 100.
    - Deposit of 50% of the balance for rates over € 100.
  • Illusorya will prepare the draft of your request, where you can request changes to the composition or a new draft.
    NOTE: after the third completely modified draft, an additional price of € 15 each to new drafts. Obviously, it's not about small changes like details that upset the whole composition.
  • Last deposit and balance 50% (for rates over € 100), following approval of the draft. From now on, the job cannot be edited.
  • The finish of the artwork varies from 1 week to months to specify, depending on the type of work and the artist's availability (commissions on what, etc). The deadlines, by Illusorya , are always respected; in any case you will be notified in advance of the processing time.
  • All prices, listed here, are intended Shipping not included.
    The works can be delivered by hand in one of the events (see Calendar ) or collection in the area (only in the Novara - Milan area and neighboring areas and only for works costing € 200 or more).
  • The shipping rates and methods are shown on this page: Shipping Info .
  • PLEASE NOTE: Any amount that is a 50% deposit or full balance will NOT be refunded.In the event of "changes of mind", the deposit already paid will be considered compensation and compensation, for the artist, due to the commitment of the creation and study for the draft or for the work performed (even if not completed) Thanks for the understanding!

If you commission Illusorya , you agree to the commission policy and terms of service on this site.
The artist remains at your complete disposal for any doubts, further information and special commissions not listed in the list.
Contact without obligation, for any request for customization and availability of sizes and info not present in this list, or for commercial license info. Just out of curiosity, through this form.

Drawings in Indian ink

Starting from:
€ 35 for size 15x20cm
€ 40 for size 21x30cm

Sketch "Studio ", Portraits and subjects of various types (tattoo design, animals, etc).
Watercolor, on 300gr fine-grained paper.
- Surcharge of € 10 per subject each. added.

Sketch in Watercolor

Starting from:
€ 55 each size 15x20cm

Sketch "Studio", Portraits and subjects of various kinds (tattoo design, animals, etc).
Watercolor, on 300gr fine-grained paper.
- Surcharge of € 10 per subject each. added.

Portraits in watercolor

Portrait + Plain Background.
starting from:
€ 155 for size 21x30cm
€ 300 for size 30x40cm

Full figure subject + Detailed Background
starting from:
€ 450 per size 30x40cm

Mixed technique in watercolor, on 300gr fine-grained watercolor paper.
- Surcharge of € 15 per subject each. added.

Info commissioni - Ritratto a olio - Illusorya - Stefania Russo

Oil Portraits

Starting from:
€ 155 for size 13x18cm
€ 350 for size 24x30cm
€ 600 for size 30x40cm

Portrait + Plain Background.
Oil on canvas or canvas panel, according to your preferences.
- Surcharge of € 30 per subject each. added.