Intervista Onirica - Amber Michelle Russell

Dream Interview - Amber Michelle Russell

Being an artist also means meeting other like-minded souls on your way. It would therefore be a real shame not to stop occasionally and chat a bit with each other, savoring the sublime moment of sharing artistic emotions!

Inspired by the theory of the five stages in the dream world by Ambrogio Teodosio Macrobio (5th century) through the Commentarii in Somnium Scipioni, a Dream Interview that will take you into the world of unconventional art.
Artists of the Dark, Fantasy, Gothic & Horror genre welcomed in the arms of Morpheus to open their subconscious, in the cheerful haunted mansion of Illusorya in the company of ghosts and delicious teas.

Today, directly from the United States, we have with us the talented Amber Michelle Russell !

Amber Michelle Russell - Portrait Amber Michelle Russell, born in August 1984 in St. Paul Minnesota, is a self-taught artist who specializes in emotionally captivating paintings that challenge viewers' judgment through the corrupt side of beauty. Her style of hers is a unique blend of watercolor, coffee and ink, focusing all the details within the face and eyes.
Amber's works are exhibited in various galleries in the United States, up to Europe.

" Living without Art as a constant of my existence would be like living without water. I would become inanimate , like an undead. "- Amber Michelle Russell.

Insomnium - A warm welcome to the REM phase where thoughts, worries and desires capriciously assault the stillness of sleep, turning into dreams with no particular meaning.
Would you like to share with us one of the thoughts that most cross your mind, related to reality or simply a great desire, from the soul of an artist that you are?

Right now, the most important thing I'm focusing on is seeking personal maturity. Artistically and mentally.
We should all strive to be better overall.

Amber Michelle Russell - Flood

Visum - We are entering the real dream world, chaotic figures around you begin to move making you believe you are still in reality.
In the In the field of art, one often encounters disheartening situations, such as the theft of one's work and ideas or rejection by galleries, publishers or companies. We absolutely do not want to go into specifics, but to know your state of mind. Did it lead you to want to abandon this project? Or did it give you even more strength to embark on your path as an artist? Do you want to leave some advice or a spur to those who are living this same experience?

I think the most important thing to do is to keep insisting, even when rejected by galleries or publishers. If I've learned anything from the art world it's that you have to have thick skin. If you've been rejected, that's fine! Insist and keep submitting your work. There will come a time when the right galleries or people will want to collaborate and exhibit your art.
Art theft or copycat is always a frustrating experience. Once again you have to keep moving forward, depending on the situation, hoping that the legal aspects don't have to go into this situation. Stay true to your craft and it will shine.

Amber Michelle Russell - Balance
Oraculum - We are in limbo between the world of reality and that of the dead, where people to us care or who are and / or were close to us manifest themselves to carry the message of great revelations.
Often people around an artist can prove to be a great inspiration for their future, whether in a way negative or positive. Given the interview, obviously it is clear that you are pursuing this very daring path ...Tell us what were the words (or facts) that really spurred you to become what you are

The people I surround myself with definitely have a big impact on me, and being around creative people helps tremendously.
If someone believes in my work and has an emotional connection to it, they can go so far as to motivate my creative state enormously without even realizing it.
The downside? Finding those who don't appreciate art in general and consider it a waste of time. It can really take all the inspiration out of me!

Amber Michelle Russell - Uncover

Visio - The premonitory dream, what we never imagined to dream, now appears in our mind. The question of how you imagine your future is decidedly banal and rather contradictory; we therefore wish to know how you see yourself now, in the present.
Also, would you like to share your current projects with us?

If we're talking about awareness, I definitely see myself that way right now, more than ever.
Creatively, I want to keep growing. I want to challenge myself to be a better artist. Art has always been an emotional thing to me and if I can convey emotions through color technique and theory, then I want to push myself further to achieve this.
With the current pandemic, art exhibitions have obviously decreased. I will be exhibiting soon though, through the ArtWhirl gallery which will be for online viewing only. I suppose most art exhibitions will be like this right now.

Amber Michelle Russell - Marleen

Somnium - The great revelation hidden among the arches of the structure of our dreams. The absolute protagonists of the story, unaware of the reality left behind but aware of our deepest self.
Often, artists have their own work of the heart to which they are emotionally linked and it will be difficult to abandon it, it does not matter if this is now in the hands of others. What was yours and why is it so important? Tell us his story, who is the protagonist ... Like a narrated dream.

There are some pieces that I am emotionally attached to. Part of me still wishes I had some works in my hands but I know they are and will be appreciated in a home, by many people.
Part of being an artist is that you have to let go of your art when it is sold .

LINKS - Where to find Amber Michelle Russell

Shop: Instagram: @amber_michelle_russell

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